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hey people, from now on, cisco biscuits will be hosted at http://internest.org.uk/cisco

i’m back on the job, and new content is being developed as we spook, later, gladdy


Dynamips Cisco Emulation @ Home.

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okay, so using an expensive lab is great, but what can you do if you’re at home. Emulation is the key.

Emulation is used for everything these days, from emulating old games machines, http://www.mame.net/download.html

or entire operating systems, http://www.cl.cam.ac.uk/research/srg/netos/xen/

to, of course Cisco routers!!!

Dynamips on windows!

you can now emulate cisco routers on your own pc, the http://www.ipflow.utc.fr/index.php/Cisco_7200_Simulator

is the thing.

Right.. follow this guide and you’ll have a nice new shiny cisco (virtual) router up and running in now time at all.

get this http://www.ipflow.utc.fr/dynamips/dynamips-0.2.7-cygwin.zipyou’ll need http://www.winpcap.org/ , which is needed for dynamips to communicat on the LAN!

okay, install all these bits and then open up a command prompt to the directory you’ve install dynamips in.

I did have to copy the cygwin1.dll from the cygwin directory, to the dynamips directory, if you do get an error on start, then try this!

Cisco Router Simulation Platform (version 0.2.7-x86)
Copyright (c) 2005-2007 Christophe Fillot.
Build date: May 26 2007 12:02:18

Please specify an IOS image filename
Usage: dynamips-w2000 [options] <ios_image>

if you see this you’ve successfully installed it, I’ll cover using it more detail in later posts

your going to need a valid ios image, so you going to need to get hold of one, once you got your image

keep the faith

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so we’re all twos threes and fours at the moment…

the key to semester two is to know the command line, so get packet tracer installed, the latest version supports ospf, which reminds me, big stuff for you sem 3 lot is VLSM and all it’s accompanying friends, like supernetting, route aggregation and the like, if you aint on top of your subnetting then you really need to master it once and for all..

the clinchers for sem 4 are the NAT & DHCP, not forgetting Frame Relay & the dreaded ISDN, a service so old and so complicated it should be taken out and shot, R

i’ve stuck some download stuff in a widget down on the right, subnet & acl books to begin with, more to come cisco kids..

final evaluation

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well, it was nice while it lasted wasn’t it?

at present first data have no plans to continue the gorgeous lovely Cisco courses that they have been delivering for the last 5 years in radford nottingham, however, if all goes according to plan, mistah edd will rise from the flames as an independent Ciscoholic, for now we can communicate via the bombaweb, mail me all your comments questions etc, them who’ve completed all their bits n pieces will be able to access their next semester on the all seeing netacad, please keep in touch and we’ll give this sucker the spanking it so rightly deserves, you get me..

i’m going to keep banging up links which u can access via the rss feeders on the sidebar and tomorrow, i’ll put up some more stuff about consolidating the semester u just finished and kicking off on the new one… keep the faith people

osi.. encoding.. and ‘the ether’

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original sketch for the ethernet system

ethernet was developed as a mechanism that allows more than one computer to share the same piece of wire for communications purposes, read the original paper here, we will discuss this paper next week so please attempt to give it a look

pile of cisco

semester twos haven’t really got started yet, the best thing you can do is to check out the product here and then play with the CLI mode in packet tracer, check here for a guide to getting started, ask me for a copy of the command line fundamentals handbook..

jp, know thyself and be true.. innit, this is the best simple overview of ospf there is, and it keeps coming back later in the curriculum, it’s also the most popular interior protocol because it’s cross vendor, EIGRP will only run on cisco kit.. you can get them to talk to each other though, which is possibly the key to completing the OSPF & EIGRP chapters side by side, i shall find an appropriate lab!

dunno what 2 tell you

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hi there people.. gladman here with a bit of chat..

sem1 crew, check out this osi screensaver & stick it on yr machines, at home or ‘in class’… ya’ll should check out CSMA/CD right about now, it’s the thing that makes ethernet tick, there’s a simple but effective set of examples of topologiges and CSMA/CD operation here

sem2, there’s a good cisco introduction to IOS here and Cisco Router families here.. check out the spiel for each family

sem3, good ospf overview here, watch the CBTnuggets on OSPF & Multilayer Switching

revise! revise!

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OK peepl, as you know we have two days when we get back, in which you will need to make an attempt at the final exam. Please contact me about setting up the practice final if you haven’t already taken it at least once.

Anyone needing to speed up on the binary conversion stuff could try the CISCO BINARY GAME, which is actually quite good, kinda tetris with network maths.

A good plan would be to check the Quaia quizzes for your semester via the links on the right hand side, there are practice final exams there. Get yrself a cup of tea & dig in for 100 questions. Then make sure you check over the answers and WRITE DOWN any you got wrong. When you write it down try to turn it into a sentance that makes sense to you. These two actions WILL help to imprint the information.

osiĀ things

Please to be getting in touch if you want more….